Gamefisher Because There is a Difference

Gamefisher boat up on plane quickly


GameFisher builds boats for demanding fishing and hunting enthusiasts who appreciate performance, rugged construction, durability and big fish! GameFisher owners catch the biggest fish because their boats are built to get you to where the fish are. Places the competition’s boats can’t go. Nobody builds a tougher boat. NOBODY. And, no other aluminum fishing boat manufacturer will stand behind their product like GameFisher.

You won’t find this level of quality and commitment to durability, performance and fish-ability at the big box stores - and that’s no fish story. Consistent hull performance in a GameFisher boat is achieved by their torque box’s longitudinal stringer system. It is designed for maximum support of the running surface by directing the load and energy across the complete under-structure. Featuring six aluminum marine-grade I-beams running along the boat’s length - it is combined with transverse bulkheads to produce torque boxes

That’s known as GameFisher tough! To get the smoothest ride possible - hull rigidity, consistency to the water surface and energy dispersion when hitting a wave are controlled by eight aluminum hat channel ribs tied to the longitudinal stringer system. Four aluminum lifting strakes in the hull give bow lift, improving overall maneuverability, while the reverse chine hull creates increased stability, faster on-plane performance and more responsive turning and handling. GameFisher - the best value for your money!

gamefisher welded boat construction

1 - ACCESSA TRACK GUNNEL - can handle sny of your fishing accessories, easy to utilize and maneuver around the boat.

2 - TORQUE BOXES - formed by the I-beams and transverse bulkheads that are found throughout the lower hull section - provide superior strength and provide the smoothest ride on the water!

3 - ANGLED POWER BARS - counteract the twisting action of the engine’s weight and thrust, transferring this torque energy across the boat’s entire hull.

4 - SIX STURDY --BEAM LONGITUDINAL STRINGERS - run the entire length of the boat and combine with transverse bulkheads to create torque boxes that provide each GameFisher boat with exceptional support of the running surface, which translates into a smoother ride!

5 - EXTRA THICK HULL DESIGN - GameFisher boats are hand formed out of the thickest aluminum on the market - making our boats the toughest in the industry!

6 - REINFORCED BOW SUPPORT - provides rigidity, consistency and energy dispersion when hitting a wave!